Jolanta Zawadzka: I am still slightly shocked after the game

The longest game of the day Jolanta Zawadzka against Humpy Koneru of India ended up with a victory of the Polish player.

– Jolanta, you have defeated a rating favourite. How was your game?

– Huh, I am still slightly shocked after the game. I surprised her with the opening and then the position was around equal. Maybe I played too slowly at some moment. She also played slowly and we went into a time trouble. I think my opponent missed a lot of things there being short of time.

– What are you going to do tomorrow, on your free day?

– I haven’t even thought about it yet. I was kind of ready to go home tomorrow. First of all, I have to change my ticket now. And then I will have one rest day tomorrow. It is always good. I have to regroup and prepare for more fighting in the tournament.