Mariya Muzhychuk: I am used to tie-breaks

An interview with Mariya Muzhychuk of Ukraine who managed to win back in the second game with Ekaterina Atalik from Turkey in Round 2 of Women’s World Championship:

– Mariya, the game was very nervous. What was happening there?

– This is true. I played with the black pieces and I had to win today so therefore I chose the Volga Gambit to make the game complicated. In the beginning, I liked everything but then something went wrong for sure. But at some moment, I didn’t like my position and I started to calculate and I didn’t know what to do. But then she made a mistake in a complex position, and I overtook the initiative and eventually won.

– How was you feeling before the game when you knew that you only had to win today?

– My mood was the same as usual. I knew that I had to play and to do my best, and today it worked.

– Will it also be like this before the tie-break?

– Yes, for sure it will be the same. I’ll just play.

– Do you remember how many tie-breaks you played  in your career?

– Well, I had many of them. I remember in Sochi I played almost every match in tie-breaks. But that’s ok, I am used to this.