Kateryna Lagno: I was a bit lucky in the first game

Interview with Kateryna Lagno (Russia), who defeated Hoang Thanh Trang (Hungary).

– Kateryna, what happened in your tie-break match today?

– Of course, it’s not easy to play a tie-break. I think, I was a bit lucky in the first game because it was quite an equal position and she made an inaccuracy. It was a rook endgame and I was already slightly better so I put some pressure and finally won. I don’t know the evaluation, maybe in was a draw till the end. I will check it at home. And for sure it’s much easier to play when you already scored first victory with the black pieces so I played with White the second game and I wanted to play some solid chess. It was also a normal game.

– And what is the most difficult part in tie-breaks for you? 

– It is difficult to switch from the classic chess to rapid games. But, well, it’s a format and you should be ready to play it. If you don’t win in classic chess so please be ready to play rapid and then blitz and even “Armageddon”. Of course, it’s not easy but your opponent is in the same condition as you are.

– And who is your next opponent?

– Good question. Sorry I don’t know. I will check it at home.

– Would you like to have an extra free day here?

– Of course! As everybody! It’s nice to make some shopping or to go for walk. Well, if you play good your first two games you will be free.