Ju Wenjun: I will watch World Championship Match live

An interview with Ju Wenjun of China after Game 1 of Round 2 of Women’s World Championship:

– How was your game today against Irina Krush? It seems to be like a textbook one.

– We played the Queen’s Gambit Accepted, and after the opening we traded the queens. For a long time I think it was equal for both sides. However, after 23…Ne7 24. Nxe7 Rxe7 I felt that I had very good chances to win the game.

– And you managed to do it in a very nice way in this endgame. Have you ever played with Irina Krush before?

– Well, we played rapid and blitz game many games.

– Yesterday you had a free day. How did you spend it?

– I just stayed in the hotel. I prefer to stay at home watching the games of the other participants. Watching their games is a good way of training for me.

– The World Championship Match in London starts very soon. Are you going to watch it?

– I will watch live. It is going to be very exciting.

– Do you support anyone?

– I just try to concentrate on my playing.

– Do you like to play in big cities or in small towns just to concentrate only on chess?

– I think it depends on the playing venue. Usually if it is good I am ok with both of the variants.

– The last question is about cuisine. Do you miss Chinese food when you are abroad?

– Yes, sometimes I do.  I mean the food here is fine. But in my country, of course, the choice is bigger. If I am away from home for a long time, I miss the Chinese food.