Dinara Saduakassova: For me social work and social activities are as important as chess career

– Dinara, congratulations on your victory. How was your match? The tie-break was much more exciting because you had had two draws in the classical part and then you won two very nice tie-break games.

– The first tie-break game was not an easy one. I played with he white pieces but I think we had quite an equal position, and then I just won the pawn after that I could realize it. But the second one was more exciting for me because there was a lot of tactics and I think she missed one of my moves, so I won.

– How many knock-out events have you played before?

– Actually this is my second knock-out championship. I played the first one in Tehran and now I’m here. So I’m just enjoying this moment.

– Do you like playing games with long time control or short one? 

– I like to play games with all time controls. I mean the blitz ones also. As for me, rapid and blitz are more exiting for spectators because classical games are quite long.

– How do you get ready before the tie-breaks? Do you walk? Or read something, or listen to music? Or only chess?

– I like to make some walking and also I watch movies. I was watching one yesterday. It works.

– Which one did you watch?

– It’s a series. Some movie. I don’t remember actually but it was nice.

– It distracted you from the chess.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– My next question is not only about this event. Do you usually follow social networks or official mass media during the events, or do you mostly only concentrate on your play?

– I think it depends on the tournament. When I played at the Olympiad in Batumi, of course, I followed some social activities and I posted photos on Instagram . For me it depends on how much time I have. When I get ready for tournaments I don’t have enough time to post anything on Facebook or Instagram.

– We know that you’re very active on promoting chess in your country so please tell us about it.

– Not only chess, because I am also a UNICEF  Goodwill Ambassador  in Kazakhstan. So for me a social work, social activities are as important as chess career. I’m trying to be a socially active person and a professional chess player. I’m making some chess master classes for people who just love chess, for children mostly, and for me this is an important part of my life because as a chess player I should promote chess.

– You open chess academies, don’t you?

– Yes, I do. We have two academies of my name in Astana, and our children now won some local tournaments. We hope that  we will grow new chess champions in our academy.

– Thank you, Dinara! And good luck!

– Thank you.