Antoaneta Stefanova: Now it is very different because I just had a baby

Interview with former World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova.

–  Antoaneta, you won the tie-break against Sabina-Francesca Foisor. How was your match going on this day?

– Well, it was better than yesterday. It’s always difficult to win tie-breaks because anything can happen in shorter time controls. But I am happy I’m going to the next round.

– You’re a very experienced player in knock-outs, you’re a former World Champion. Do you have any strategy for these events?

– In general, I have strategy but now it is very different because I just had a baby month ago. For quite long time, I’ve been out of chess so I cannot really speak about strategies now. I’m just trying to enjoy chess, remember how the pieces move. And if I get to continue a bit more, it will be nice, but if not, then I will go sooner to my family. So it’s not a big tragedy either ways.

– And how do you like staying here especially now when you have a baby? You cannot say it’s a usual event for you for sure.

– I’ve been here in Khanty many times like most of the players. Of course, this time is different because of the baby and family but I try to do my best while I’m here and, of course, I am doing the best for my family when I’m there. But for the moment. I try to concentrate on my games just one by one.

– Do you have any precise planes for future events?

– I don’t know yet. Let’s see how it goes.

– Thank you, Antoaneta, and good luck to you!

– Thank you.