Round 1, game 1. Interview with Anna Muzychuk


An interview with Anna Muzychuk after the first game of Round 1 of Women’s World Championship:

– Anna, please tell us about your game today.

– This is the first game I won here. I can say it wasn’t so tough because I’ve got an advantage from the opening and then I think I was winning already somewhere on move 20  but we continued the game.

– What can you say about the organization of the tournament so far?

– It is not my first time here, I’ve been many times in Khanty-Mansiysk. I knew where I was going and what to expect. So far everything’s ok.

– And what about the opening ceremony?

– I liked the opening ceremony. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t short but I think it was interesting for the players.

– Before such knock-out events do you usually try to forecast and to see who are your next opponents and to make some plans?

– As for me, usually I am preparing for the first round and also since there are two possible opponents for the second round I also get ready for them as well.