Round 1, game 1. Interview with Kateryna Lagno

An interview with Kateryna Lagno after the first game of Round 1 of Women’s World Championship:

– Kateryna, how was your game today? 

– It was an interesting game, I think. My opponent made a mistake in the opening and lost a pawn. She got some compensation but still a pawn is a pawn. And with a precise moves I hold it and finally I won.

– Was this game the first one with this opponent for you? 

– Yes, it was.

– How do you get ready for the knock-out events? Do you try to invent some strategy for the pairings, or do you just play round by round? 

– Well, I will not tell you everything, of course. But I think like everybody you prepare for your first opponent and then you see how it goes. Just like this. Just try to play your best chess – the only miracle thing you can do.

– Do you have plans after this event? Where are you going to play next? 

– I don’t know. I don’t know about the competition in China. Because normally we play in December in World  Mind Sports Games. I’d love to play there. And I’d love to play in the World Rapid and Blitz Championships but I don’t know whether it will be organized or not. I hope so, but we’ll see.

– What can you say about the organization here? Did you like the opening ceremony? The playing hall? 

– The Opening ceremony was nice – it was short and good. So nobody got tired. The rest is okay. We’re used to play here and used to have good conditions here, so everything is fine.