Kateryna Lagno: This is not my first tie-break, I am quite experienced

Interview with Kateryna Lagno (Russia), who drew the regular part of her match with Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine).

– Kateryna, could you please describe the events of the first two games. 

– We have just finished the second game, which turned out to be very long. I guess I had an advantage; not sure how large it was, I will check it at home. Anyway, I was unable to convert it. The first game was very quiet – White did not manage to create serious problems and I equalized the game. Then I offered a draw, and she accepted it.

– Did you manage to surprise your opponent in the opening today?

– Probably, I did. Judging by the time spent, she was a bit surprised. However, she successfully solved her problems.

– What is your mood coming to tie-breaks?

– Business as usual. I have some experience in tie-breaks. Let’s fight and see.