Kateryna Lagno: I wanted to play normal chess trying to find the best moves

Press conference with the first semi-finalist of the Women’s World Champion Kateryna Lagno (Russia).

– Kateryna, you’re the first semi-finalist. Our congratulations! Please tell us about the key moments of your second game against Lei Tingjie. 

– Thank you. She played the line I didn’t prepare at all. It was a very complicated game, at least, for me. She played quickly and I started to think what to do. And I thought that I should play in a solid way, because a draw was OK for me.

– What was your strategy before the game after winning the first one? 

– I wanted just to play a normal game and normal chess trying to find the best moves. At least I tried to do it.

– Which match has been the toughest one for you so far?

– Take a guess, please (laughs).

– With Natalija?

– Bingo! Of course when you play Armageddon it’s a bit stressful let’s say.

– Does playing against your teammate make any difference to you?

– I felt really pity for Natalija because I like her very much, she is a nice person. When you win a match in classical or even rapid chess it’s one thing, but when you win a match in Armageddon, of course, that’s another story, you feel pity for your rival.

– As I said before you’ve become the first semi-finalist. Do you support this idea to change the WWCC circle and to make it like the men’s one holding the Candidates Tournament and then the Match?

– Let’s finish this event first and then we will talk about it.

– In semi-final, you will either have Zhansaya Abdumalik or Mariya Muzychuk as an opponent. Which opponent is more preferable for you?

– I don’t know. I played with Mariya some classical games, at least, and I played only blitz game against Zhansaya, I guess. Mariya is a former world champion and Zhansaya is young and also very dangerous. We’ll see.

– You were taking part in tie-breaks in rounds two and three. Finally you will have a day off tomorrow.  What are you going to do?

– I want to sleep well, I want to walk and take a flesh air. Maybe some shopping and reading, but no chess.