Valentina Gunina: I have never played tie-breaks at the World Championships

Valentina Gunina (Russia) equalized the match against Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova (Uzbekistan) and told us about it.

— Valentina, please tell us about the course of the second game.

— It was a nerve-wrecking game, because I needed a win. Luckily, I had White. Yesterday I managed to lose despite the position on the board was drawn.

— At what point during the second game you realized you were winning?

— At the very end (laughs). Actually, it only becomes apparent when the kings are put at the center of the board, demonstrating the outcome, because the pressure is enormous. Also, I have never played tie-breaks at the World Championships, so it will surely be intriguing.

— How did you prepare for the fight after a painful loss yesterday?

— I have a great support group. In the morning we were preparing for three hours straight, so I am feeling little dizzy now.