Round 1, game 2. Valentina Gunina: Knock-out tournament is a very nervous thing

An interview with Valentina Gunina after the second game of Round 1 of the Women’s World Championship:

– Valentina, you won the match against Ingrid Aliaga Fernandez from Peru. What was in the match?

– Yesterday I played with Black and I was lucky to win. When you win in such a tournament with Black this is really a good chance. You just need to make a draw with White the next day. That’s what I did today. So I was lucky.

– In how many knock-out championships have you played in your career?

– If I am not mistaken, this is my fourth time. But I am not sure. I was kicked out from the third round I guess. This was my best result by now.

– Of course, everybody here is determined to win the World Championship. And what is your idea about the changes in the system of the Women’s World Championship cycle?

– I want this changes very much because knock-out tournament is a very nervous thing. One mistake and it is over. I would prefer to play in a round-robin event such as Women’s Candidates Tournament.