The Prediction Contest of Women’s World Championship

The Women’s World Chess Championship will start this week, which means it’s time to guess who will soon become the owner of the chess crown! Will the current champion, Ju Wenjun from China keep this title or will it go to someone else? Which of the participants will be able to reach the semi-finals and be qualified for the Candidates Tournament? Which of our commentators will be the most far-sighted and give the most accurate prediction for the upcoming tournament?

The organizing committee of the Women’s World Chess Championship starts the prediction contest. Test your intuition and knowledge of women’s chess!

The winner will get a unique prize – a chessboard signed by the participants of the Women’s World Chess Championship. Consolation prizes are also prepared for the top-3 prognosticators. It is worth noting that famous chess players, commentators of the tournament, press team and FIDE representatives will also take part in the contest. Let’s see whose prediction will be the most accurate!

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